York Region Transit: Essential Reading for Winter Drivers

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  • Winter driving in Canada is unpleasant to say the least. And the same can often be said of winter drivers. Our campaign to encourage drivers to ride transit in winter began with this understanding. An imagined series of books –  supposedly required reading for drivers, but not riders – dramatized the survival skills (swearing, hand gestures…) so essential for winter driving. York Region Transit buses wrapped to resemble snow ploughs drove home the point that bad winter weather doesn’t get in the way of a bus. Meanwhile, Snow Angels ‑ YRT street teams, who were clearly the opposite in temperament to churlish drivers ‑ hit the bus shelters offering hot chocolate and coffee to passengers. The campaign was a huge success and was covered on local TV news and in the press.

  • Our work for YRT and Viva has been featured in magazines, newspapers, like WRI/Embarq's CityFix.