York Region Transit: Dump the Pump

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  • In the summer of 2008, Canadian gas prices took a nasty turn upward, setting record-breaking highs. It was a perfect time for an intelligent, provocative, York Region Transit: Dump the Pump campaign.

    Nickel-and-dime talk is not so great for good advertising though. Instead, we decided to talk about the big picture: to sell the fuller life rather than the fuller wallet. Yes, when you ride YRT | Viva, you spend less on gas ($10,000 less in case you were interested) but more importantly, you get more to spend on yourself. You get a fuller life/fridge/walk-in closet/trust fund.

    Now, it becomes more interesting. Now it’s not just about not getting gouged. It’s about getting the good stuff. The Jimmy Choos. That slinky black number you wanted. The Canada Prime Black Angus steak. The really good organic portobellos. That natural gas mutual fund.

    Get the picture?

  • Summit Award, 2009 APTA AdWheels Award