What’s zaroori for you, is zaroori to us

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  • “What’s zaroori for you, is zaroori to us” is an award-winning campaign for TD Bank by Canada’s most recognized multicultural agency, Barrett and Welsh. During Covid19, South Asian Canadians experienced unemployment at rates double those of white Canadians. As a result, they refocused on what was most important for them. What’s most important in South Asian culture? Family. The kids, the parents, the siblings. Whether sending money to ageing parents far away in India or making time for your nannu (little one) right here, their wellbeing and happiness come first. They are essential, zaroori. Important. Vital. Necessary. We helped TD reassure them that what was zaroori (essential) for them, was zaroori to TD. And TD backed that promise with personalized advice in South Asian languages, financial relief, and enhanced ways to bank digitally like the TD MySpend App. Even TD’s South Asian tagline, “Ready aapke liye,” was tweaked slightly to “Ready aapke liye, forward badhne ke liye.” which conveys “Ready (for you) to move forward.”

  • Silver and Bronze at the Marketing Awards 2021 in the Multicultural category.